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Transform Your Facial Beauty with the Deep Plane Technique


At Deep Plane, our approach is unique, just like you! With a personalized look at each patient's needs, we guarantee a facial transformation that enhances your authenticity and beauty with this advanced procedure.

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At Deep Plane, our approach is like a dash of originality, made especially for you! No clichés or artificial results - we value what makes you truly unique. With this revolutionary procedure, we seek aesthetic results and, at the same time, health benefits.

With a personalized and precise approach, Dr. Lessandro Martins carefully considers the unique characteristics of each face. With Deep Plane, it is possible to correct wrinkles, sagging and reposition facial tissues, providing harmonious and natural results.

Aesthetic Improvement
and Functional

Natural Results

Deep Plane surgery allows for a precise and personalized approach, resulting in natural and harmonious results. The procedure works to enhance the patient's individual beauty without creating an artificial appearance.

Wrinkle and Sagging Correction

Deep Plane is effective in correcting wrinkles and facial sagging, promoting significant rejuvenation. The technique allows for the appropriate repositioning of tissues, smoothing expression lines and restoring firmness to the skin.

Faster Recovery

Compared to other approaches, Deep Plane can result in a faster recovery with less postoperative discomfort. Patients can resume their daily activities in less time, with visible and lasting results.

Imperceptible scars

Deep Plane provides strategically located incisions, resulting in discreet and barely visible scars.

Your Health in Focus,
Without Borders

With telemedicine, we offer complete support and clarify doubts, meeting the needs of patients who cannot be physically present in our clinics. Distance is not an obstacle for us!



Dr. Lessandro Martins is a surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery with an emphasis on otorhinolaryngology. He has a degree in medicine from PUC-Camp and a medical residency at UFU. He improved his skills during 3 months in Bogotá, Colombia with the renowned nose surgeon, Dr. Fernando Pedroza.

With emphasis on the Deep Plane facial technique, the doctor is recognized for his ability to perform facial lifting and face plastic surgery. Her passion is helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals by providing high-quality, personalized care.

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Meeting the expectations of our patients is a foundation that governs the work of our team. We will always be with open arms to welcome you in a safe, comfortable and efficient way!


Best service, excellent professional and his competence is indisputable. I'm 100% satisfied. I wish God continues to bless his work. He's been super kind from the first consultation until today, 4 months later. He's a professional who brings safety and reassurance!

Vera chagas


Your competence is exemplary, but your kindness is inspiring. When I needed not only a great doctor, but also a friendly shoulder, you were there for me. I sincerely thank you, Dr. Lessandro, and your entire team for the care and for making my dream come true. Thank you!

Christiane Garcia Duarte


Carrying out these procedures was much more than just addressing my appearance, it was treating my emotional well-being, where I renewed my self-esteem.

Henrique Souza Carvalho


"I found it perfect, Dr. Lessandro and his entire team give a lot of confidence. Not to mention that the outcome was beyond expectations, simply perfect."

Ingrid Moreira


Unique experience! I felt extremely safe choosing Dr. Lessandro to perform this delicate procedure that was part of one of my dreams. Both the pre and postoperative care were excellent, obtaining more satisfying results every day during the post-op period.

Eduarda Pazetto



The Deep Plane Facial Lift has incisions that heal with minimal or no visible scars. Because in this technique the skin is not separated from the muscles, there is no tension on the incision lines after they are closed, which allows the incision to heal as an inconspicuous line.

The technique allows for a very large and natural rejuvenation of the face, as it specifically treats all of its aging layers. Another important point is that the result lasts longer as the face has been treated globally.

Recovery after a Deep Plane Facial Lift generally involves few bruises and a faster recovery as there are no cuts in blood vessels between the muscle and the skin. Some bruising and swelling around the repositioned areas may appear in the first few days and will disappear gradually.

The result can be seen after two weeks, but with some swelling. After the first month you already have a good benefit. At four months it improves even more. And in the eighth month the result was complete and excellent.

Before surgery, your plastic surgeon will order a series of pre-operative tests to assess your general health. This may include blood tests, electrocardiograms, x-rays, and other specific tests. Your doctor will also need to know about the medications you use, whether daily or not, including vitamins and hormones, as some of these must be stopped before surgery.

Regarding the care you should take post-operatively, we can mention:
• Rest completely for at least a week, always keeping your head up;
• Eat healthily, avoiding inflammatory foods and maintain a high consumption of liquids, especially water;
• Apply cold compresses to the face, prioritizing the areas with the most edema and bruises;
• Avoid exposure to sunlight;
• Consult your doctor before applying any cosmetic, even after the first 15 days of recovery.

Any physical activity should be avoided during the recovery period, which lasts an average of 15 to 20 days, and activities should be returned gradually.

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