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In this space, we invite you to learn more about the trajectory and success story of Dr. Lessandro Martins, an exceptional doctor who has made a difference in the area of ​​rhinoplasty.

I chose medicine with the hope of helping patients achieve the look of their dreams.

Turning Dreams into Reality in Facial Plastic Surgery


Specializing in facial surgeries, Dr. Lessandro Martins is recognized for turning dreams into reality. With his passion for facial plastic surgery, he is dedicated to providing exceptional results for his patients.

With a six-year career dedicated exclusively to facial plastic surgery, Dr. Lessandro Martins found his calling by observing the challenges and individual stories behind each surgery. Each patient is treated uniquely, taking into account their measurements, facial features and smiles.

academic education

Graduated in medicine from PUC-Camp and with a medical residency at UFU, Dr. Lessandro Martins is a specialist in Otorhinolaryngology.
After specializing in Otorhinolaryngology, Dr. Lessandro Martins had the opportunity to further improve his skills in Bogotá, Colombia. For more than three months, he had the privilege of learning from the renowned nose surgeon of the time, Dr. Fernando Pedroza. This enriching experience provided him with in-depth knowledge of facial surgery and sparked an even greater passion for facial plastic surgery.

With more than two years as an assistant professor at UFU, Dr. Lessandro Martins put his vast experience into practice and dedicated himself to performing facial surgeries.

As one of the few surgeons in Brazil to master the Deep Plane facial technique, he is sought after by doctors from all over the world interested in learning his innovative techniques.

Academic works: Revolutionizing Rhinoplasty with the Fishbone Technique


We present FishBone, an innovative rhinoplasty technique developed by the renowned Dr. Lessandro Martins. This advanced, less traumatic approach has transformed nasal surgery, providing exceptional aesthetic results and significant improvements in respiratory health.

Dr. Lessandro Martins dedicated himself intensely to his journey to improve the FishBone technique. Using the millimeter-precision Piezo instrument, the nasal fracturing method enhances the play of light and shadow, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting nasal contour. Inspired by the art of contouring in makeup courses, Dr. Lessandro Martins applied his knowledge and creativity to create an approach that enhances facial beauty in a harmonious way.

In addition to notable aesthetic results, FishBone has proven to be an efficient solution for patients with breathing difficulties. Many individuals seek our expertise for improvements in nasal appearance and function, and our satisfaction lies in helping them achieve a healthier, more confident life.

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